Speed limit on federal and state roads reduced by 10 km/h from January 18 to 27 for Chinese New Year – paultan.org

The works ministry (KKR) has announced that the speed limit on federal and state roads nationwide will be temporarily reduced by 10 km/h from January 18-27, 2023 in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebrations.

This was revealed by works minister Datuk Seri Alexander Nanta Linggi at today’s launch of ‘Ops Bersepadu & Kempen Keselamatan Jalan Raya Peringkat Kebangsaan’, which also involved the transport ministry.

According to Nanta, the speed limit on federal roads will be 80 km/h during the period, while it is 70 km/h on state roads. “There will also be temporary changes to the current speed limit signs to reflect this reduction,” he said in a report by The Star.

Nanta also said the ministry had carried out repairs at 53 accident hotspots along federal years throughout 2022, with a total cost of RM17.2 million. “Streetlights have also been installed at 40 accident hotspots on federal roads last year, with (more to be installed) this year,” he added.

Meanwhile, 2,000 road transport department (JPJ) personnel would be on duty during the Chinese New Year period, said transport minister Anthony Loke. “Among the initiatives taken (by JPJ) are discreetly riding express buses to ensure the operators abide by the law. It is a preventive measure (rather than) issuing compounds and to ensure their vehicles are roadworthy. We want to educate, advocate and prevent mishaps,” he said.

JPJ personnel will also monitor roads through Enforcement Based Stations (EBS) at 14 locations along highways as well as ‘Ops Khas Motosikal’. Loke added that the department had also inspected buses at 77 depots and 28 terminals from January 14-17 to ensure the vehicles were in optimal condition. The transport ministry and JPJ have also announced a temporary road ban for goods-carrying vehicles from January 20-21 and from January 24-25 to reduce the risk of accidents.

Seven major traffic offences will be the focus of ‘Ops Bersepadu’ this year, including queue cutting, double-line overtaking, not obeying red lights, speeding, using a mobile phone while driving, not wearing helmets/seat belts and abuse of emergency lanes. These offences won’t just be met with a saman, as those caught doing so will also be brought to court.

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