The Mk8 GTI’s Front End Has Been Revealed by Volkswagen

Okay, it’s actually a “near-production concept car” version of the GTI, according to VW, but that’s close enough to get us all atwitter with excitement.

The rest of the GTI will be revealed, as reported, at the Geneva Motor Show in early March. For now, though, the front features those same hexagons of light in the grille as we saw on the GTD a week ago and the same lighter running across the width of the car.

That bar of light is topped by a strip of red paint and an appropriately (but not overly) subtle GTI badge. The grille is also outlined by a thin mustache of black trim.

Although we can’t see it yet, VW is also promising exhaust pipes on either side of the car’s rear as well as a diffuser. A digital cockpit, a leather steering wheel, and a choice of 32 colors for the interior lighting.

Volkswagen has also promised tartan seats—though there’s no word yet on a golf ball shifter. Car2X technology will also grace the GTI, which means that (in Europe, at least) it will be able to communicate with street lights and other vehicles to inform the driver of upcoming hazards.

No word yet on power, but VW is promising that it will “exceed expectations,” as will the new generation of DCC chassis control.

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