The new Vantablack BMW X6 looks like a crossover-shaped black hole

At the Frankfurt Motor Show next month, BMW will show off its new X6 crossover coupe. A weird-looking BMW high-rider isn’t news. But what is news is the color, called Vantablack.

Vantablack comes from a company called Surrey NanoSystems that uses carbon nanotubes to reflect just 0.4 percent more light than an honest-to-goodness black hole, which is at 0 percent.

The new version of the product is called VBx2, and it’s so dark the body lines, creases and wheel wells just disappear into the void, even in a well-lit environment. It also shows off Bimmer’s new light-up grille quite nicely.

It could actually become an available color, said Hussein Al-Attar, the X6’s designer, to The Verge, because “X6 drivers are our most extroverted and free-spirited customers.”

We’ll believe that when we see it. Still, anything that makes the X6 disappear is pretty cool. Check out The Verge’s quick video on Vantablack below.

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