This 2020 Chevrolet Corvette supercut is everything you need

We’re only weeks away from knowing everything there is to know about the next-generation Chevrolet Corvette. The upcoming eighth-gen ‘Vette will finally move the engine behind the passengers and give the Bowtie badge a chance to show the world what a midengine ‘Vette can do. Despite this being one of the biggest deals in the automotive world in 2019, the team at GM has kept the ‘Vette’s secrets well hidden from the public.

Still, there’s no shortage of footage and audio from the new Corvette testing around the world. Taking advantage of this footage, YouTube genius Chris Brian stitched together a supercut of the new Corvette testing and driving around, letting us piece together as much as possible about the new car.

The video shows that the various ‘Vettes tested have distinctly different exhaust notes. That could be because of wildly different exhaust systems being tested for development, different engine tunes or, like with the current Corvette family, different engines. Of course, it’s probably a combination of all of those that results in the different sounds you hear in the video above.

With the new Corvette debuting in July, all of the world’s questions will be answered soon enough. Until then, we’re just going to have to sit back, obsess over what’s been released to the public and wildly speculate about Chevy’s next sports car.

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