Toyota Mirai FCEV breaks world record with 1000 km drive

Toyota Mirai breaks the world record after travelling 1003 km on a single tank of hydrogen.

Toyota has announced that its hydrogen-powered Mirai has broken a world record – the longest distance driven on a single tank of hydrogen. The Mirai FCEV covered a total of 1,003 km on a single tank of hydrogen.

The world record attempt started on May 26, 2021, at 5:43 am from the HYSETCO hydrogen station in Orly, France. The Mirai was driven on public roads, south of Paris and in the areas of Loir-et-Cher and Indre-et-Loire.

The total distance covered and the consumption levels were certified by an individual authority. As per the official figures, the Toyota Mirai recorded a distance of 1,003 km with an average hydrogen consumption of 0.55 kg / 100 km. The Mirai FCEV comes with a capacity to store a maximum of 5.6 kg of hydrogen.

The car used for the record attempt was its second-generation Mirai, which in normal driving conditions, is claimed to offer a range of 650 km. To achieve the world record, the drivers used an ‘eco-driving’ style. However, no other special techniques were used.

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