Trackside time warp: Watch the Gridlife Midwest 2019 festival, shot on Super 8 film

The first time you go to a Gridlife event, you might be caught off guard by how timeless the whole thing feels. The field is full of relatively late model imports, mostly, and sure, the music mix that pumps though the paddock — and emanates from the stages after dark if you’re at a multiday festival — is heavy on the EDM and hip hop.

But it’s ultimately a bunch of passionate people, the vast majority of them on the younger side, wrenching on cars and driving them fast. Just as it has been for generations.

Maybe that’s why this Gridlife Midwest 2019 festival highlight reel, shot by Film Grain and Octane with a 1968 Super 8 film festival, works so spectacularly well. It’s a bit like our own Murille Martin’s vintage photography exploits, only, you know, with motion — and a voiceover pulled from a 1952 Indianapolis 500 documentary backing it all up.

The Gridlife Midwest festival took place May 31-June 3, but if you like what you see here, there’s still a chance to get to a Gridlife event this season (it’s a lot less grainy in real life, promise). This is the first year of Gridlife’s Colorado Alpine Horizon Festival, slated for July 26-28, and the big Atlanta Festival (at Road Atlanta) will take place August 23-25.

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