Upgraded from i20 diesel to Nexon EV Max: 1-month ownership experience

I’m amazed by the ease & refinement that the electric car offers, especially after coming from a manual Hyundai vehicle.

BHPian pradheepsr recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

My Tata Nexon EV Max is almost a month old now and has done 900 kms approx.

The first few days after the delivery, I didn’t try to get the Max out of the battery and hence drove like a normal ICE car within city limits. I used Eco and City drive modes (40:60) with seldom use of the Sports mode. Amazed at the ease and refinement it offers for the price especially after upgrading from a diesel i20 manual.

I got only 180-200 kms max on a full charge initially, however, it kept improving after keeping regen braking levels between 1-2 and liberal use of Eco mode.

Mostly, the AC was on with temp set at 20 since our city was hot (35-36 degrees).

However, since the vehicle is also used by my drivers for ferrying kids to school and local market trips for my missus, hence, there would be a change in driving styles since these guys sometimes floor the pedal to overtake.

I’m getting an average of 195 Kwh/km which I felt was way too high according to the app.

The vehicle gives me a realistic range of 200-220 km with a full charge to 10 percent.

I went to Detailing Mafia for a combo of ceramic coat and PPF. PPF was applied in the front bumper, front and rear piano black panels and the piano black panel around the gear selector.

Any tips on how to improve the range efficiency?

I have gone with the 3.3 kW charger at home since I was skeptical about the 7 kW one.

Any tips or advice in this regard will be appreciated.

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