Video Shows School Bus Driver Being Shot by Toyota Corolla Driver in Road Rage Incident

The Minnesota Department of Transportation released chilling video of a school bus driver being shot in an apparent road rage incident. The footage, which was made available to the public on Wednesday, was captured from a nearby traffic camera and outlines the incident from the moment of the shooting up until police arrive.

During a snowstorm on Tuesday, cars can be seen traversing a snow-covered highway near downtown Minneapolis at a slow pace. Unexpectedly, a Toyota stops in the left-most lane of traffic and a man dressed in a security guard uniform exits his vehicle and begins walking on the shoulder towards a school bus.

The situation soon escalated as the man, identified by police at the time of the incident as 31-year-old Kenneth Lilly, can be seen holding a pistol and firing several shots towards the front of the bus. Lilly then continues to the passenger-side of the vehicle and fires several more times.

Lilly then begins to pace back and forth and makes a call on his cell phone. Several individuals nearby phoned into 911 and reported the gunman to authorities, leading police to arrive at the scene in under a minute and take the suspect into custody without incident.

The 78-year-old victim, whose name has not been released, was struck in the head and taken to a local hospital where they would undergo surgery for non-life-threatening injuries. A single child was also being shuttled at the time of the shooting but was not harmed.

“Preliminary investigation is that there was a motor vehicle crash that occurred and an altercation or dispute of some sort happened resulting in gunfire,” said Minneapolis Police Spokesperson John Elder in a statement to local news. “This raises immense concern on so many levels. The fact that someone is shooting into a school bus, the fact that you’re on a freeway where you have vehicles that are literally stranded because of the weather. You don’t have a clear back drop for any of these round. This is mind numbing.”

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