Video: Watch Clint Bowyer, Ryan Newman fight after NASCAR All-Star Race

Clint Bowyer and Ryan Newman had forgettable outings in Saturday night’s NASCAR All-Star Race. Bowyer started on the pole but was never a contender and faded back through the field as his Stewart-Haas Racing teammate Kevin Harvick grab the lead.

Bowyer salvaged only a 12th place finish.

The news wasn’t any better for Roush-Fenway Racing driver Ryan Newman. Newman had an early spin along the front stretch and never recovered. He finished 13th, right behind Bowyer.

As the field parked along pit road, Bowyer leapt from his car and charged at Newman’s Ford. Newman was still in the driver’s seat and Bowyer, still wearing his helmet, began throwing punches.

Replays showed Newman getting into the back of Bowyer’s car on the cool-down lap, sending Bowyer’s Ford into the outside wall. After it was all over, Bowyer said he didn’t understand why Newman was interfering with him on the track.

“I don’t know what the hell his beef was,” Bowyer said. “Hell, I thought he was a lap down; I checked up and he ran into my left rear and that was the last I saw of him. Then after the race he comes and runs into my back and turns me all around and I pull up next to him and he dumps me into (turn) four. Where I come from you get poked in the nose for that, and that’s what he got.’

“Well the 14 (Bowyer) chopped me on the front straightaway earlier in the race, so I just about turned him around,” Newman said. “After the race I just went up and tapped him in the back to let him know I didn’t appreciate the way he raced me, then he body slammed me. I hit him back a little bit on the back straightway and then he just cut across my nose in turn three. Doesn’t take much of a man to try and fight somebody with a helmet on; I think he should be embarrassed of himself.”


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