Volkswagen Boss Says New Golf Must Launch By End of Year: Report

We were expecting the 8th generation Volkswagen Golf to start shipping sometime early next year. Now it looks like there’s a sudden rush. With a new report saying that the car must launch by the end of this year.

It comes directly from the top. With Automotive News reporting VW Group CEO Herbert Diess as making the statement at the company’s top management conference last week.

“Currently we are fighting hard with the ramp-up,” Diess told the assembled execs. “We will meet our deadline and deliver the first vehicles at the end of this year.”

A quick ramp-up and improved profitability were two of the main criteria Diess had for the car.

As the first Golf to get over the air updates, development has posed a huge challenge to VW engineers. Software updates mean more potential for hacking and more extensive security measures to help keep them out.

VW said back in April that they were getting ready for a February 2020 launch. They also said that a Christmas launch could lead to consumers not noticing or caring about the updated model.

Diess said at a shareholder meeting in May that the car would make its media debut in October. While no date was set for production, if deliveries could start shortly after that reveal, it should keep the car fresh in buyers minds ahead of the holidays.

Source: Automotive News

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