VW USA Sales Rise 2% in July Thanks to the Tiguan, Jetta, and Atlas

Volkswagen’s core products all had strong months in July, leading to a moderate increase in sales for the automaker. With sales of the Golf Family, the Jetta, the Atlas, and crucially the Tiguan all up for the month, the summer is looking like a good time to be a VW dealer.

Despite the moderate increase, VW’s July was not uncomplicated. Although sales for the Golf Family rose, sales of the standard Golf and the GTI were down 35% and 24%, respectively.

Fortunately for fans the hatchback, sales of the e-Golf and the Golf R both impressively. The former saw a sales increase of more than 2,000%, though that only accounted for a total of 460 sales, while a total of 451 Golf Rs drove off the dealer lot—accounting for an increase of 36%.

Most important of all, though, to sales of the Golf was the Sportwagen, which moved 7% better than last July of 2018. With a total of more than 1,100 leaving dealerships, it was this month’s best-seller in the Golf family. That leads us to hope that production dying at the end of the year will only mean a temporary hiatus on SportWagen construction.

The Jetta’s sales, meanwhile, were 17% better in July, too. That amounts to a total of around 8,000 sales.

VW’s SUVs, too, were strong sellers, with sales of the Atlas increasing by 18% (7,600) and sales of the new Tiguan increasing 35% (nearly 9,000). The loss of the Tiguan Limited, though, means that VW gave up more than 1,300 sales, so sales of the Tiguan family only rose 13%. With a new, shorter SUV coming in to fill that space, though, VW should be in good shape by 2020.

Despite the loss of the Limited, VW still managed to increase SUV sales 14%. With cars’ sales falling 7%, the pendulum has swung to mean that the company sells more SUVs than cars. That swing is only when contrasted against, last year, though, since VW’s SUVs have been outselling its cars for months now.

So far this year, VW USA has sold nearly 216,000 cars, which marks a 6% increase of the same period last year.

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