Watch: The Best RS6 Ad May Not Have Been Produced by Audi

Australia’s The-Lowdown tuning house has taken on a new project and wouldn’t you know it, it’s an RS6. And to announce the project, they’ve produced a gorgeous film to showcase the car.

The 1:45 video is an unrelenting tour of the car’s best angles and finest features.

The video is only announcing the build, so the RS6 appears to still be stock, which is why we say that Audi should simply buy the video and slap a Vorsprung on the end.

But The-Lowdown won’t be leaving it stock for a long time. Details aren’t exactly abundant, but according to the tuner’s website:

“We partnered with some of the best wheel, tyre, suspension and accessory manufacturers from across the globe. The build will unfold right here on our website and our social channels, so stay tuned for updates.”

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