Watch This Ferrari Monza SP2 Get Entombed in Paint-Protection Film

The Ferrari Monza SP2 (and its single-seat sibling the SP1) is an incredibly special, rare and expensive car. The open-air two-seater is also expectedly pricey; it commanded around $2 million from Ferrari for well-heeled buyers to even have the chance to take one home. It makes sense that anyone planning to take one out on the open road would want to have as much protection as possible. Enter the people at Topaz Detailing.

The video above shows Topaz Detailing covering just about every surface on this Monza SP2 with paint-protection film. While we didn’t get to see the prerequisite detail work take place, we can enjoy the application of these precision-cut pieces of plastic on this new Ferrari. The shop at Topaz uses patterns to precut the film, lowering the risk of damaging the car during application.

From there, you can see the Topaz team in action. The exposed carbon fiber on the splitter, center console and rearview mirror? Covered. The team goes as far as to cover the inside of the vents, the headlight assemblies and the door sill plates. That’s attention to detail!

The price? Well, if you can afford a Monza SP2, you can probably afford to have a team apply specially made sheets of plastic, though heading to the website does reveal some interesting information. The full paint-protection kit starts around $4,500. There is a step above that for a wholly custom kit. That price? Well, it’s POA: price on application. That’s not going to be cheap.

Regardless, you get to watch the application process without having to lift a finger to do any work or empty your bank account. Check out the video above. If you want to see what it’s like moving around a track with F1 World Champion Nico Rosberg behind the wheel, click here.

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