Why I bought a 2022 Maruti XL6 AT: Quick observations after 800 km

I upgraded from a Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire AMT diesel.

BHPian achintatri recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I have driven my XL6 alpha AT for about 800 km till now with a mix of city and highway driving including Khandala and Lonavala Ghats.

Few observations and opinions:

  • It is definitely oriented towards fuel economy. It touched 20.5 km/l on the expressway.
  • It is not made for enthusiastic drivers so if you feel like getting sedan/hatchback like manoeuvres anywhere including sudden availability of power, it will disappoint you.
  • It suffices when overtaking low-speed vehicles say up to 40-50 km/h even on city roads.
  • NVH level is good and so is the ride quality
  • The worst average I got till now was 11.1 km/l in the city.
  • No issues on ghats or inclines even when fully loaded, power is adequate however don’t expect high-speed manoeuvres including overtakes.
  • I am happy with the sedate driving capabilities in the city and the cruising ones on highways.
  • Those looking for driving an MPV like XL6 like SUVs/Sedans/Hatchbacks/Mercs/BMWs and similar cars, please look somewhere else.
  • For a family outing with good ride quality and NVH, XL6 is more than adequate.

Update: I am coming from Swift Dzire AMT diesel. After it reached the second gear, it was a rocket perfectly matched for an enthusiastic driver however the manual was much more and I would say perfect fun for that DDis 1.3 Italian engine as compared to the AMT.

My reason to go for XL6 AT are listed below:

So, If you are looking for a family car that would comfortably take your family on those cherishable memories ride without any fuss and load on your pocket (comparing to petrol engines) and where you won’t mind reaching your destination a few mins late giving some rest to your heart (‘coz it will be busy processing beauty of the comfortable ride rather than digesting adrenaline rush and or anxiety for the perceived risk of driving with risk with your beloved family onboard), XL6 is a perfect car for you.

Here’s what BHPian Asish_VK had to say on the matter:

Thanks for this crisp review.

After reading all the posts about lack of power, no progress with rpm, overtaking is very difficult etc. I was wondering how bad it is.

For reference, I regularly drive a humble Hyundai Eon (800cc) – 2 adults, 2 kids and a lot of luggage between Kerala and Bangalore. I never felt the car lacks power for my sedate driving style. Yes, some overtaking manoeuvres need planning, but that’s how we should drive right? Calculate the gap, speed of the vehicle and capability of our car.

I think it will be way better than the Eon (I have XL6/Ertiga in my mind as an option for an upgrade).

Here’s what BHPian Leoshashi had to say on the matter:

Whichever car you go for, highly recommend driving the car yourself. Don’t go blindly on anyone’s perspective, including mine. Different people have different needs and different priorities. If the engine works for you and your needs, then why not!

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