Why I chose the Jeep Meridian as a replacement to my 2020 Creta

No one can deny that Meridian has to be the most impressive looking car in it’s segment and price range and now I was more and more confused.

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In hunt of a new car to replace my Hyundai Creta Diesel SX(O) 2020, I was getting more and more confused. I was looking for a more spacious vehicle as the family is growing and so is the luggage that we carry. I had already booked a Hyundai Tucson couple of weeks back. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the car. TWhucson has got stunning looks and is loaded with features. It was great fun riding the car. So far so good. I was happy with my decision.

Now the planets started moving and all of a sudden, I started noticing a lot of Jeep Compasses on road. Jeep has got one of the best looks – we cannot deny that. So, with a confused mind and fingers crossed that I do not end up liking the Meridian, I decided to visit the Landmark showroom here in Gurgaon to check out the Meridian. There was Meridian all around at the showroom. 3-4 Meridians were getting ready for customer delivery and few vehicles were available for test drive. No one can deny that Meridian has to be the most impressive looking car in it’s segment and price range and now I was more and more confused.

I took the Meridian for a test drive, drove it for 20 minutes or so.


  • The car is very very spacious. It rides like a Compass but you feel you are driving something heavier and bigger. The rear seat is good for three people. The third row is good for kids.
  • The car has got a premium cabin. The seats, dashboard, infotainment everything is of premium quality. There are all the needed features present in the car. A few things would have been good addition: window shade, ambient lighting etc.
  • It has a lot of grunt at lower speeds, unlike the Tucson which has got no noise at all. I think I will have to deal with the low speed engine noises.
  • Above 50-60 KMPH, Meridian’s noise stabilises and the beauty of ride quality kicks in. It sticks to the road and you get more and more stable ride at higher speed.
  • The best place to be in the car is the front passenger seat. You will feel like you have been taken on a luxury ride. Plenty of space and great view of the front.

After a satisfactory test drive, I started discussion with the sales person and came a surprise – a massive nearly 3 Lakhs discount on the car. I could not resist my happiness and shouted – It’s booked. Booked a Jeep Meridian 4*2 Limited(O) in white colour. They have promised a very short delivery period. I have asked them to bill me a car with Nov. manufacturing date. I went with few accessories – side steps, mud flap, blue ambient light, ceramic coating and magnetic window shades. They offered very little to no discount on the accessories.

That’s the end of weekend’s adventure story and start of a new journey with the Jeep Life. I hope the whole Jeep experience is going to be as beautiful as the Meridian looks. Moreover, I do not want to regret my decision on dumping the Tucson. I am continuously reading things about Meridian on this forum and other places.

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