Witness The Awesomeness Of A Tag V6 F1-Engined 911

As ideas go, a Porsche 911 powered by a Formula One engine takes some beating, right? It’s the work of Lazante – a small British outfit with a reputation for making the seemingly impossible, well, possible.

When news of the project first broke last year, we were blown away – how can you not get on board with the idea of a 1000bhp F1 engine in a road car?

Naturally, some tinkering of the eleven motors (all of which have seen action in F1, with one example helping the late Niki Lauda to victory at the 1984 British GP) was needed. That meant Cosworth detuning them to churn out around half of the original figure.

Witness The Awesomeness Of A Tag V6 F1-Engined 911 - News

But in proper 911 tradition, power is sent to the two back tyres via a six-speed manual. To improve driveability, a limited-slip differential has been added, with that huge rear wing generating bucket loads of downforce to maximise stability at higher speeds.

The car was proudly shown to the world’s motoring press at the Goodwood Festival of Speed where it also took to the famous hill climb. During the brief demonstration run, fans got the chance to hear the 1.5-litre V6 play its wonderful tune. And it is wonderful.

Production is being capped to eleven units, with each customer reportedly being hand-picked by Lazante. Those lucky enough to get the call will need to be prepared to pay £1.16m for the privilege of driving one out of the company’s factory.

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