Ferrari F1 team boss: ‘We won today’

Mattia Binotto and his team have seen more than one race lost after mistakes, and plain bad luck this season.

Mattia Binotto, boss of the Ferrari Formula 1 team, said Sunday, “we won today” after Sebastian Vettel had victory snatched from his by a steward’s decision in the Canadian Grand Prix.

Repeated mistakes from both the cockpit and the pit wall have put Ferrari a long way behind Mercedes in the championship race during the opening exchanges of the 2019 season, but when their first win of the season was cruelly taken away from the Scuderia, Binotto was careful not to let passion overtake diplomacy.

“It’s not down to us to decide and that’s the sport,” said Binotto. “But certainly, if you look at the crowd, everybody seems to believe that there was nothing else that Sebastian could have done in that situation.


“I don’t think he had any bad intention in what he was doing at all. He stayed ahead the entire race, he took the checkered flag first. For us, he is the moral winner and it’s more important for us that, as a team, we have proved that we can still be competitive.”

In the past, teams would have appealed the decision but in race decisions can’t be appealed, a situation which Binotto confirmed.

“You cannot,” said Binotto. “You cannot because it is their decision, but I think we need to look at all of the data ourselves to make a proper decision on this.

“We won today. I think honestly, we have been the fastest on track today and that is important.”

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