FIA boss says there is too much fuss over the Vettel Montreal F1 penalty

Jean Todt fiercely defended the regulations and enforcement of Formula 1 when pressed about the Sebastian Vettel Montreal penalty.

Jean Todt has dismissed the continued controversy over the penalty that cost Sebastian Vettel a victory in the Canadian Grand Prix.

Vettel was livid after the Montreal race, and Ferrari is looking into presenting enough evidence for a “review” of the stewards’ decision.

Others insist that it was a perfect example of F1’s overregulation and that the race stewards can often make highly questionable decisions.

But FIA president Todt told Bild newspaper that he disagrees.

“There are always debates about penalties,” he said. “This is no different in Formula 1 than it is in other sports.”

Some have blasted the stewards for the questionable call, but Todt hit back.

“We have the best stewards in the world,” he said. They do a great job.”

He also played down the need for rule changes.

“The drivers are always the first to insist that all the rules are complied with,” said the former Ferrari boss. “If you start to loosen them, it can sometimes make it dangerous. We can see that in part in Formula E, where the drivers have much more freedom than in Formula 1.”

Todt declined to give his personal opinion about the Vettel penalty, declaring, “That is not my job.”

He was happier to speak about the October delay for the announcement of F1’s rules for 2021.

“It’s better to keep working together for three or four months and have a good result rather than ending the process a bit prematurely,” said the 73-year-old. “We are talking about the next five years until 2026.

“I believe we will end up with a good result.”

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