Stroll says mistake cost him German GP podium

Racing Point driver Lance Stroll believes a mistake late in the German Grand Prix cost him his second Formula 1 podium.

Stroll was the first driver to switch to slick tyres after the penultimate safety car period, having run outside of the points for most of the race.

However, the Canadian eventually found himself in the lead as all his rivals pitted for dry-weather tyres.

Stroll went on to finish in fourth position – his best result of the season – but said an error in the final laps of the race allowed Toro Rosso rival Daniil Kvyat to pass him and take what would end up being the final podium place.

“I made an error at Turn 8 when it was still quite damp and I was the first one on slicks,” said Stroll.

“I made an error in Turn 8 and that forced me on to the green Astro paint. I think it’s paint on the exit kerb, which allowed Daniil to overtake me.

“Without that, I’d definitely think we would have been on the podium, but it’s easy to say in hindsight if only that wouldn’t have happened, but really happy with P4.”

Stroll admitted the race, with track conditions changing all the time, was very hard to read.

The Racing Point driver pitted five times and said four of those stops were to fit the wrong tyre compound for the conditions.

“It was extremely challenging and there was a bit of a gamble every time we were stopping and putting on a different compound,” he said.

“I think we pitted five times if I counted correctly and four out of the five times it was wrong pitstop.

“We were on the wrong tyre and at one point I spun I think two times in one lap on slicks, with 40 laps to go, and then I pitted at the end with 20 laps to go and I was leading the race.”

He added: “Initially when I got on to the slicks with 20 laps to go there were still two or three corners were you had to just survive and it was not dry.

“But I knew with 20 laps to go and everyone was on inters and we were I think last at that stage we had to give it a go and put the slicks on.

“I was leading for maybe one lap. Maybe not quite one lap. I heard a message on the radio saying ‘you are leading the race’ so it might have been for a couple of corners and then I think Max [Verstappen] overtook me.”

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