Ferrari find "significant" answers to development issues

Ferrari have discovered that windtunnel failure issues are to blame for their development struggles, says team principal Mattia Binotto. 

The Italian team have struggled to develop their car all season, most notably in France when they fitted a brand new floor in practice only to remove it again after discovering it was not perfroming as they’d expected.

Sebastian Vettel said on Friday that the team had solved the development issues, and when asked about this by, Binotto said: “In Austria we did some measurements, tried to understand the issue, tried to understand what’s wrong with the floor.

“We have important and significant answers from the test. So now at least we understood why it didn’t work, from now on we need obviously to progress and improve.

“There is nothing here, we’re still with the [old] floor we had in Ricard and in Austria.”

Binotto has previously denied claims that Ferrari have been having issues with their windtunnel, but when pressed, the team principal admitted that they have been struggling to make it replicate real life conditions, causing problems for them.

“I think I can only tell you that in specific conditions, certainly we didn’t have at the track what we were expecting from the windtunnel.”, he added.

“So, it’s boundary conditions that we have to address, to make sure that to be more representative in all conditions.”

Despite only just discovering such issues, Binotto maintains that the car has been developing and improving this season nonetheless.

“After Barcelona, probably was our weakest performance overall so far, we introduced several changes and modifications to the car,” he said.

“It’s not that we left our car to Spain and there will be an upgrade later on. The car has already improved and has been developing.”

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