Jeremy Clarkson: F*** Ferrari and f*** Mercedes

Former Top Gear presenter and F1 fan Jeremy Clarkson has launched a scathing attack on F1, saying “f***” Ferrari and Mercedes for ruining the racing.

Speaking on Youtube channel Drivetribe, Clarkson pointed at a pot plant, saying: “I’d far rather watch these grow than watch a Formula 1 race – and I love F1 motor racing.”

His solution?

“Number 1 get rid of the stewards, dangerous driving is what fans want so if someone does dangerous driving I’d give them an extra five championship points.

“The cars have to be stronger, they have to be able to withstand wheel-to-wheel action without bits of front wings coming off.

“And number three, the governing body needs to look at what cricket did. They had a five-day boring sport and they turned it what we saw in the final of the World Cup – super overs and crowds chanting.

“I wasn’t watching, I was watching the Federer-Djokovic final and meanwhile there was Lewis Hamilton ‘ah I’ll just wait for a pit stop to come in and I’ll overtake Bottas that way’.

“F*** off, all of you f*** off.

“I want to see [Jacques] Villeneuve and [Rene] Arnoux wheel-to-wheel last lap of the French Grand Prix and if Ferrari don’t like that they can f*** off.

“In fact Mercedes can f*** off. They can all f*** off.

“Ferrari saying, ‘oh well we have marketing strategies’ and Mercedes saying…. oh f*** off the lot of you.

“Let’s turn it into a proper sport again and not some health and safety exercise.”

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