NASCAR To Use Heats, Passing Points to Set Bristol Dirt Lineup

NASCAR will use passing points and heat races to determine the starting lineups for the Cup Series and Camping World Truck Series races on March 27-28 on the Bristol Motor Speedway Dirt Track.

Even though this will be the first Cup Series race on a clay surface since 1970 at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds, the Truck Series raced at Eldora Speedway in Ohio from 2013-2019.

“We obviously took a look at what we had historically done in Eldora with the Truck Series race there, kind of took some elements of that, things that worked,” said Scott Miller, NASCAR senior vice president of competition. “But really, what we wanted to do for this event was kind of get back to the roots of dirt track racing and incorporate some of those elements that have been ingrained in dirt track racing for a while.

“One of the biggest things there is whittling the field down to the main event and setting the starting lineup via heat races, then with the element of passing points that has been a part of dirt track racing for a while, actually creates a lot of excitement and mixes things up.”

Cup and the Truck Series will have two practice session on March 26. The Truck Series will contest heats and feature on March 27 on FS1. The Cup Series will have qualifying races before the Truck Series feature and will race the next night on FOX.

  • Passing Points – The difference between assigned starting position and finishing position
    • Go forward – accumulate passing points
    • Go backward or finish where you started – zero passing points
    • Tiebreaker – owner points

    Other race details:

    • Feature – Lineup based on combined points of Heat Race finishing position and passing points. Feature race will be 250 laps (Truck race is 150 laps) divided into three stages (Cup: 75/150/250) / (Trucks: 40/90/150). Running order will be frozen at the conclusion of each stage. During the stage breaks, teams can change tires, add fuel and make adjustments to their cars/trucks. These non-competitive pit stops must be completed in a time designated by NASCAR that is to be determined. No fuel or tires except at stage breaks. (Note: Teams will not be required to pit during the stage breaks. Teams that elect not to pit will re-start ahead of teams that pitted. Re-start order determined by the freeze at the conclusion of the preceding stage)
    • Additional Event Highlights – Choose rule will not be in effect for the Bristol Dirt race. The overtime rules, free pass and wave around procedures will be in effect.

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