Waiting to drive F2004 was 'torture' for Schumacher

Mick Schumacher said waiting to drive his father’s Ferrari F2004 around the German Grand Prix track in Hockenheim was “torture” for him. 

The Formula 2 driver, driving it for the first time, took to the track in the car that won Michael Schumacher a World Championship in 2004, doing three full laps of the circuit.

“I just wanted to go out and I just wanted to drive,” said Schumacher to Motorsport.com.

“Obviously having to wait, even in front of the pit exit, was more like torture. I just wanted to turn [the lights] myself and go out.

“To be able to drive the V10, and feel how that one behaved and sounded, was something very special.

“People asked me if I could hear them but I said that the V10 engine was a bit loud, so it was hard for me to hear them.”

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