350/290 Crate Engine Part 2: Finishing Up a Stroker

In the last edition of our budget brawler buildup (Aug. ’19 issue), our humble 350 was torn down and treated to a K1 stroker crankshaft, Wiseco forged pistons, and K1 connecting rods. In this installation we’ll finish the job by installing an Isky camshaft, a pair of Edelbrock cylinder heads, and an Edelbrock manifold, topped by a high-tech FiTech fuel injection system.

The engine is destined for a heavy, classic cruiser so the focus of the build was low-end torque. The plan was to keep the engine docile but add just enough extra compression, cam, and head flow to bump up the torque and the fun. The cylinder heads remain the same Edelbrock Performer units the engine utilized in its former life as a 350, but the higher lift of the Isky camshaft and displacement bump of 33 ci should help the engine make more grunt upstairs and down.

Follow along as we ice the cake that is our 383 and let it rip on the dyno at Westech.

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