Harman Unveils In-Car Tech For Things You Shouldn't Do While Driving

Because your car can become something else other than a machine.

Let’s talk about downtime. What do you do inside your car while waiting? These days, you’re more likely glued to your phone, browsing through social media apps, immersed in a virtual world.

Harman aims to explore those downtimes by showcasing a trio of technological concepts. Called the Harman experience concepts or ExPs, the tech wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., wants to add more Experiences per Mile.

Beyond the marketing speak, Harman presented things that you could do during your downtimes – things you shouldn’t do while driving – and enhance them further for a better experience.

Gallery: Harman In-Car Tech ExP Concepts

First of which, Harman introduces ExP Gaming Intense Max, which uses the company’s tech to create a fast and truly immersive gaming experience. Harman’s audio technologies like ClearChat reduces echo and background noise during gameplay, while high-fidelity sound, integrated headrest speakers, advanced haptics, and high-resolution OLED and QLED displays all combine for an immersive environment.

Harman also touts the ExP Creator Studio vehicular concept, catering to the modern-day content creators. The company reimagines your car as a creative space, consisting of fully immersive sound, interior lighting for flattering shots, and multiple in-cabin cameras. The Harman ExP Creator Studio also offers the ability to edit content via the steering wheel, among others.

For musically-inclined individuals and concert lovers, Harman brings you ExP Drive-Live Concert. Quite in-line with the current coronavirus pandemic, online concerts can be hosted through Harman’s new tech concept that involves the brand’s premium audio 5G capabilities, and cloud services. It aims to bring all the energy of a live performance right inside the vehicle.

“What differentiates Harman from others is that we leverage our deep understanding of consumer needs and in-vehicle preferences, while also doubling down on Harman’s experience-driven approach instead of focusing solely on individual technologies, OEMs will benefit from advanced personalization and technological synergies, while drivers will enjoy a connected experience built purposefully for their needs,” said Christian Sobottka, Executive Vice President & President of Harman Automotive.



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