Honda To Offer Amazon Key In-Car Delivery On Select Models

The option comes to customers with the HondaLink remote services subscription.

Honda announced that it is joining Chevrolet, Buick, Volvo, Ford, and other automakers by adding Key By Amazon in-vehicle delivery to a select number of vehicles in its lineup. Honda drivers who subscribe to the HondaLink remote services system (and who are also Amazon Prime members) will be eligible for the Amazon services. They must also live in one of the 50 cities where Key By Amazon is active.

Key By Amazon allows for in-car delivery, enabled by a smartphone app and the car’s GPS services. On delivery day, a customer parks within two blocks of their selected delivery address. Once the delivery driver is at the location, the system unlocks the car for a very brief period of time, and once the package is scanned and delivered re-defaults to the locked position. The customer is alerted once the package has been placed in the vehicle and it has been re-locked. The option, in theory, helps crackdown on package theft from front porches during the work day.

The downside, however, is that the additional service is only coming to a relatively small number of Honda vehicles – at least for now. Touring and Elite trims of the 2018 and 2019 Accord, Accord Hybrid, Insight, and Odyssey, as well as 2019 models of the Passport Touring, Elite and Pilot Touring, Elite are eligible. Even so, the added functionality is a welcome addition to the Honda brand.

Honda joins a growing list of automakers that have embraced Amazon Key, eyeballing younger tech-savvy buyers. The function is available today and comes at no additional cost to customers with the HondaLink remote services subscription.

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