Nomad Tactical Command Vehicles Are Ready For Anything

Built for critical moments.

In today’s connected world, remote operations cannot afford to stay off the grid. Thanks to the focused team at Nomad GCS, organizations across the globe can purchase and run rugged mobile bases focused on connectivity in the world’s most difficult terrain. These bespoke rolling media platforms are unmatched in their ability to link distant operations with a centralized communication platform.

We enjoy a level of connectivity that allows for the efficient management of globalized operations. When danger looms, this connectivity changes from a luxury to a necessity to keep the world safe. When disaster hits a remote area, the need for connectivity remains, however, it becomes more difficult to achieve.

That’s where the skilled team at Nomad GCS comes in. They were approached by a customer who needed a rugged all-in-one command vehicle to communicate with teams in a remote location. This demand lead the team at Nomad GCS to build the Nomad Tactical Command Vehicle line-up.

Based on the Ford F-350, Nomad Tactical Command Vehicles are built to specific customer needs and serve a wide variety of industries. The inclusion of specialized communication devices including satellite dishes, extendable radio antennas, and more allows for teams to use these trucks are the communication hub to keep them connected.

To make sure their trucks go anywhere, the team at Nomad GCS went to work adding a new Fox off-road suspension, exterior armor, and off-road-focused wheels and tires. There’s also winches available in case you manage to get stuck while off-roading. When you reach your destination the truck can be leveled thanks to an automatic pylon leveling system which gives you a solid base to work from.

Sure you probably don’t need a truck like this in your driveway, but it’s exciting to see the versatility of the Ford truck platform and how it can be used to serve such a unique need.  These rugged builds can save lives and keep people around the globe safe which makes them a very exciting product worth knowing about.



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