Over 40 Vehicles Pulled From Nashville Waterways

Solemn but important work.

The city of Nashville carries many meanings to those in the know. Some may see it as Music City U.S.A. while others only view a namesake for General Nash. However, a recent article from News4Nashville profiles a more somber side of the area.

Over the past week, a group of volunteer divers pulled more than 40 vehicles from Nashville’s waters. They refer to themselves as Adventures With Purpose and serve to help families find loved ones by pulling out automobiles from waterways. Local media WSMV reports that the most recent work was completed in Cumberland River and Percy Priest Lake. This line of work often doesn’t get the attention it truly deserves, but thankfully local officials are working to change that.

Mayor John Cooper recently praised the important yet incredibly difficult work of the organization and its divers. He was quick to note that everyone involved works for free and is funded solely by donations. Over the weekend, former Council Member Karen Bennett staged a drive-through event to raise awareness for the non-profit operation. 

Obviously all of the vehicles are in varying states of disarray, but each tells a different story. Did everyone get out okay? How did the crash happen? Can we mitigate these accidents from carrying on? Semantics aside, each example makes a difference regardless of whether it’s finding a body or just the remains of an automobile. 

It’s all a very grim topic, but one that needs to be addressed in making the public road a safer place. Driving will always be inherently dangerous, but we can continue to do everything we can to keep motorists out of harm’s way.


News 4 Nashville, Mayor John Cooper via Twitter

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