People With Old Chevy Minivans Are Some Of The Best Drivers: Report

The data doesn’t lie.

It’s amazing what sort of conclusions can be drawn from a big pile of data. Take Insurify, which is a site used to compare auto insurance rates. They have a database of over four million car insurance applications.

After sifting through the numbers, they’ve been able to determine, to a degree, which vehicle models have the safest drivers. They compared all applicants with at least one driving violation, from accidents to speeding tickets to hit-and-runs and more, and came up with a list of vehicles whose owners had the fewest infractions. 

And the winner for the award of the car with the best drivers is – *drumroll* – the Chevy Astro van. That would not have been our first guess, not in a million years. The Astro was a rear-wheel-drive (and later all-wheel-drive) minivan based on the compact Chevy S-10 pickup platform. It had a long run from 1985 to 2005, but was eventually replaced by another GM minivan built on a unibody platform. 

What cars do the best drivers drive?

Shockingly, the Astro’s replacement has earned the second highest spot on the list of cars with the best drivers. You all remember the Chevy Uplander, right? We would forgive you if it slipped your mind. The Uplander was a downright woeful vehicle only produced for a few years beginning in 2005, right when the Astro was canceled. In addition to Chevrolet, it was badge-engineered across almost every GM brand – Buick, Saturn, and Pontiac included. 

Interestingly, the top 5 spots are all occupied by minivans, with the Dodge Caravan, Ford Windstar, and Nissan Quest landing in spots #3, #4, and #5, respectively. And the Toyota Sienna earned spot #7, which means minivans account for 60% of this list and suggests having kids in the car makes one a very careful driver.

Insurify’s list of the top 10 cars with the best drivers also has two more Chevys on it: the Corvette at #8 and the Lumina mid-size sedan at #9. Another GM product, the Cadillac Deville, appears on the list at #6, giving the automaker five spots overall. Well done, General. 

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