Audi Q6 E-Tron Sportback Flaunts Full-Width Taillights In New Spy Shots

Audi is preparing to launch the new Q6 E-Tron. It’ll be available in two body styles, and new spy shots caught the Sportback variant testing in public. 

The photos captured the crossover with plenty of camouflage hiding the design details. However, this example fully exposed its full-width taillight element, and the daytime running lights lacked coverings. If the Sportback looks like the standard Q6, it should have a wide closed-off grille flanked by the headlights low on its face. 

Gallery: New Audi Q6 E-Tron Sportback Spy Shots

The most significant difference between the two Q6 variants is the roof. The Sportback will sacrifice rear-passenger headroom and cargo space for a more stylish silhouette. The spy shots captured the crossover with a tiny lip spoiler below the hatch glass. 

In September, Audi teased the Q6 E-Tron’s interior, showing off a cabin with a dual-screen setup on the dashboard. The large display is not visible in the new Q6 E-Tron Sportback images, but the regular Q6 also lacked the dual-screen setup in earlier spy shots.

The Q6 E-Tron Sportback will likely feature the same panoramic display as the traditional-looking model. The dash comprises an 11.9-inch digital instrument cluster and a 14.5-inch infotainment screen. The Audi has a 10.9-inch screen in the dash for the front passenger, who can watch movies on it without distracting the driver.

We know the regular Q6 E-Tron will have 18.6 cubic feet of cargo space with the seats up. That increases to 54 cu. ft. with them folded down. The Sportback’s sloped roof will likely reduce those numbers. 

The new Q6 E-Tron will ride on the modular Premium Platform Electric (PPE) architecture underpinning the electric Porsche Macan. Complete powertrain details remain a mystery, but we drove a Q6 E-Tron prototype earlier this year with a dual-motor setup making 375 horsepower. There should be trims with both less and more power.

We expect Audi to reveal the new Q6 E-Tron in 2024 before going on sale for the 2025 model year. Production should begin before the end of next year. 

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