ChargePoint Introduces New 500 kW Ultra-Fast DC Charging System

ChargePoint announced today the first large-scale deployment of its all-new Express Plus Power Link 2000 DC fast charging platform, which is capable of delivering charging speeds up to 500 kilowatts.

The hardware and associated software of the Power Link system debuted today at the all-new Mercedes-Benz HPC NA fast charging network, which due to the high power output, is being called “the fastest public charging network in North America.”

Let’s recall that the Mercedes-Benz HPC NA will be a premium DC fast charging network for all EVs, consisting of up to 400 sites (and over 2,500 chargers) by 2030. Some of the stations will be installed at Simon Property Group’s locations (at least 55) and Buc-ee’s chain of travel centers (about 30 sites).

Receiving an order for the Mercedes-Benz HPC NA is a major win for ChargePoint, which is a supplier of hardware and software for AC and DC charging systems for electric vehicles, as well as an operator of its own ChargePoint network.

The Express Plus Power Link 2000 DC platform brings not only an ultra-high charging power level of 500 kilowatts to support current and future EVs, but also important additional features like the ability to charge two vehicles simultaneously with dynamic power charging.

The key element of the platform is a modular power electronic system with Power Blocks (up to five Power Modules per unit), which “intelligently and dynamically allocate power based on what the specific drivers need.” Another thing is proprietary cooling architecture and liquid-cooled cables to withstand the power output of 500 kW for sustained periods of time.

The Express Plus Power Link 2000 DC platform comes with a wide package of other features, like preferential charger access via a reservation system and automatic payment functionality via “Plug & Charge.”

Rick Wilmer, COO of ChargePoint said: โ€œWith the deployment of Express Plus Power Link 2000, ChargePoint is setting a new standard by offering sustained, ultra high-speed charging for all EV drivers. We congratulate Mercedes-Benz on the launch of their HPC NA network, and we look forward to boosting the availability of fast, reliable public DC charging on North American roads.โ€

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