Drivers may be fined up to £5,000 for wearing flip-flops in hot weather

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Drivers may be slapped with a £5,000 fine for wearing flip-flops behind the wheel during hot weather this week, according to experts.

Specialists at Road Angel have warned flip flops could lead to “catastrophic consequences” for motorists with drivers at risk of losing control of their vehicles.

This is because flip-flops or sandals could get caught up between the pedals, causing drivers to press the wrong pedal.

This may see them accidentally accelerate or brake sharply which may cause a hazard for other road users.

Gary Digva, an expert at Road Angel has urged motorists to wear something more suitable while behind the wheel.

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He said: “We urge all drivers to change their footwear into something more appropriate, such as trainers, rather than wearing loose, flimsy summer shoes.

“These shoes can easily cause drivers to lose control of the vehicle in an instant, as the footwear can easily get caught up in the pedals.

“As shoes such as flip flops don’t have a back, it’s easy for them to slide off your feet – potentially causing extremely dangerous situations.

“It’s easy to just slip some loose, lightweight shoes on whilst nipping to the shops or heading down to the beach this summer. But even driving a really short distance can cause life-changing accidents for yourself and other road users.”

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Although there is no exact law which bans drivers from wearing flip-flops while driving, it could still breach Highway Code rules.

The Code clearly states road users must always wear footwear which doesn’t prevent them from using the controls correctly.

According to Road Angel, any accidents caused by flimsy shoes could therefore see drivers issued penalties for dangerous driving.

This may see motorists slapped with a £5,000 fine, penalty points or even a driving ban under some extreme circumstances.

Digva added: “Drivers may also be slapped with dangerous driving changes, as the Highway Code clearly advises all motorists to only wear shoes which do not prevent full control of the vehicle.

“Since so many of us are used to wearing loose footwear during the warmer months, it’s a good idea to keep a sturdy pair of shoes in the back of your car to change into before setting off.

“All motorists need to stay safe this summer and not take the risk of wearing flimsy shoes like flip flops, even when driving a very short distance.”

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