Drivers warned of £6 item that could save motorists from freezing in their car

Drivers have been warned a £6 fix could stop motorists from freezing in their vehicles as well as expensive repair bills this winter. 

Road users rely on cars having good heating systems as temperatures drop but the technology are known to malfunction now and again. 

Instead of blowing out hot air, the tool could pump out cooler wind which will fog up the window and keep drivers freezing cold. 

Experts at Select Car Leasing said a cheap hack could prevent issues with the heating system in a boost for motorists this winter.

Graham Conway, spokesperson for Select Car Leasing said: “The first port of call when your heating system stops working as it should is the coolant level.

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“But there is a serious word of warning on this – you MUST wait until your engine has completely cooled down, otherwise you risk getting burned.

“If it has dropped below mark, a decent bottle of coolant costs around £10 from automotive stores and even some supermarkets stock it.

“Once you’re ready to go, topping up the system is a simple task and will be explained in your manual.

“While this will solve the issue in the short term, it is also worth considering getting an expert to give your vehicle the once-over to ensure there isn’t a more deep-seated issue.

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“It may be the case that there’s not enough coolant moving through the heater core, which could indicate a leaking hose or a blown gasket.

“So if the issue returns after topping up, it’s definitely worth booking in at your local garage to get a mechanic’s opinion.”

Vehicle coolants can be purchased for as little as £6 online via DIY store Screwfix. A lack of heat through the air vents could also be down to a series of other issues. 

Specialists claim problems could also be down to a faulty or broken blower motor as well as a damaged thermostat. 

Corrosion can force it to close and stop coolant from reaching the engine which could lead to overheating engines.

Mr Conway added: “Aside from travelling in comfort during the winter, heaters play an important role in helping to keep windscreens clear and ensure safe passage.

“While most people use their air con to speed up the job, heaters help any water evaporate and also warm up the glass to prevent further droplets forming.

“This warmer air can then be circulated and directed out of the car to leave clear windows and a sufficient field of vision. If you are found to be driving without demisting you could be charged with careless driving and a fine up to £5,000.

“It could also mean nine points on your licence and even more serious sanctions if it has caused you to be involved in a collision.”

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