Elderly drivers can avoid road safety risk by pressing little-known button

Drivers have been left stunned after discovering the true meaning behind a little-known button which could save lives. Several TikTok users have been blown away after finding a switch on the rearview mirrors designed for night driving.

The button is an anti-glare mode and dramatically reduces the brightness of car headlights flashing in your mirror. It comes after thousands of drivers admitted they get regularly dazzled by other vehicle’s lights when travelling on UK roads.

Elderly drivers may see the biggest improvement as many older road users struggle from road vision concerns. The Older Drivers Forum said the elderly have difficulty seeing in certain conditions as their eyes become less able to react to changes in light.

TikTok user @drivingtestsuccess revealed the rearview mirror can be moved slightly upwards to switch its purpose.

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They explained: “Did you know that this lever under your central mirror is for anti-glare mode so at night time you can protect your eyes from the glare of the other cars lights.”

@Davidmcdonnell2 also revealed the simple solution as he urged all younger motorists to learn about the hack.

He said: “As part of your driving test you might be asked how the anti-glare or anti-dazzle function operates or works on your interior mirror… If you were dazzled by the lights of a vehicle coming up behind, what would you do with that interior mirror?”

He added: “That puts the function on for anti-glare. Now in some of the other cars, it might be electronic. There may be buttons or some cars have a sensor on them.”

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Meanwhile, another TikTok user @yaboycielito remarked: “So I just learned that the little tab behind your rearview mirror is to activate night shift mode.

“See when I heard it, I thought it was a little silly but it actually works. It’s basically used to lessen the glare of the bright lights behind you.

“Basically you will see the outline of the car along with the headlights and you won’t be disturbed by the bright lights.”

Last year, an RAC study of 2,700 drivers found that a whopping 88 percent get dazzled by vehicle headlights. A staggering 63 percent felt the problem was getting worse with 64 percent concerned about the risk of accidents.

A massive 16 percent of those polled admitted they avoid driving at night for fear of being dazzled. TikTok users were just as baffled by the revelation with some admitting they had tried the tip themselves.

@yaz_gume commented: “I clicked the on button on my car one and got scared cause all the lights looked green, didn’t realise it was anti-glare.” (sic)

However, some social media users were confused as to why drivers were unaware of the hack.

@qnanze posted: “I was five years old when I learned this. Where have you been?” Another TikTok account added: “If you don’t you shouldn’t be driving.”

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