Hyundai Tucson Facelift Spied While Towing

The latest look at the updated Hyundai Tucson development finds the SUV pulling a trailer on a winding road. We expect it to launch first in South Korea and premiere in the US early next year.

The Hyundai engineering team covers this Tucson in a mix of a camouflage wrap and black fabric with blocky sections underneath the material. A big panel on the hatchback also distorts the appearance at the rear.

Gallery: Hyundai Tucson Facelift Spy Photos

The updated Tucson’s nose appears to gain redesigned headlights. The upper lights appear to be more angular and have a parallelogram-like shape. The lower illumination seems to have new lamps in the same housing as the current ones. A trapezoidal surround for the lower fascia is partially visible underneath the camouflage.

The fabric and blocky panels on the hood hide the design. We can’t tell whether there are any changes to this area.

The Hyundai team also covers the doors with fabric. The SUV rides on asymmetrical wheels.

The back is also under a lot of cover. A sliver of the driver-side taillight is visible. The lamp’s styling looks similar to the existing vehicle. However, there’s not enough that we can see to know for certain whether this area has more significant revisions.

The gallery includes a glimpse into the cabin. It doesn’t look like there are significant changes, but there appears to be some covering on the passenger half of the dashboard.

The current Tucson offers ICE, hybrid, and PHEV options, so buyers have a wide array of choices. We don’t expect the refreshed model to receive a powertrain overhaul because there are already so many options. Output and electrical system tweaks are possible, though.

The current Hyundai Tucson debuted in 2020 and went on sale for the 2022 model year in the US. As such a recent vehicle, the company doesn’t need to be in a hurry to update the existing one.

If you’re curious about what the latest Hyundai Tucson is like to drive, check out our video review of the PHEV model.ย 

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