I got my MOT test for just £4.99 using a simple online offer

MOT: Quick checks to do before having your test

MOT tests can be pricey for motorists on tight budgets with garages able to charge a whopping £54.85 for the annual check.

The annual safety check is a legal requirement and motorists will not be legally allowed to drive without a valid pass certificate in place.

But, timing an MOT test is also vital with slots at popular garages often being filled weeks in advance.

Leaving things to the last minute made it a little tricky to secure a slot for my Alfa Romeo MiTO at one of the garages our family regularly uses.

This prompted a frantic online search for something different within the limited time I had until my current certificate would expire.

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A few clicks later, I stumbled upon a tempting offer which at first sounded too good to be true. The advert promised a free MOT test for signing up to Halfords Premium Motor Club for just £4.99 per month.

Hesitantly, I joined the service and believed my initial excitement at the massive savings would soon be deflated.

Although I wasn’t disappointed and a few seconds later it dawned on me that this was a legitimate offer.

As the page loaded I was given the option of booking my test at several Halfords-affiliated garages in the area completely free of charge. Motorists can pay an extra few pounds to secure a slot at a better time which will be added to a final bill.

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I arrived ahead of my appointment at National Tyres and Autocare, a former independent retailer recently taken over by Halfords, still unsure whether this would work.

However, the mechanics quickly confirmed my bill had indeed been paid and my car was quickly wheeled in for its assessment.

Just over an hour later my phone rang. My 2010 Mito had passed and was fully legal for another 12 months.

Millions of drivers have also benefited from the system with Halfords Premium Club Membership now sitting at a whopping 2.5million.

A Halfords spokesperson said: “We take great pride in the success of our Halfords Motoring Club, specifically designed to cater to the needs of motorists.

“Through this initiative, we’ve played a significant role in helping drivers to ensure their journeys are safe and uninterrupted.

“By offering cost-effective car servicing and maintenance alternatives, we’re supporting motorists across the UK.

“Our Premium Motoring Club membership is tailored to provide a comprehensive range of benefits, collectively valued at over £100.

“Starting with a generous £10 welcome voucher, a complimentary MOT, and an ongoing five percent unlimited discount on a wide range of our products and services. We’re committed to help keep the nation motoring for less.”

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