I’m a car expert – drivers can stop windscreen mist using one bottle

Drivers can stop condensation from misting up their car windscreen and windows this autumn and winter using a simple bottle. 

YouTube channel Epic Automotive Detailing showed that applying an anti-fog solution can clear steam quickly and easily. 

Motorists following the tip could dodge a heavy penalty with rules stipulating that glass screens must be completely clear before stepping behind the wheel. 

An expert from Epic Automotive Detailing said: “So it’s a real pain having to defog your window every morning so I got myself some Rain X anti-fog.

“The reason why I chose this one is it’s one of the best selling ones on the market so I thought I’d go along with the crowd and find out just how good it really is.

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“But there’s no point in me putting this on glass when I already have condensation. What I need to do now is make sure we get this up to the right temperature. 

“So we are going to run the heaters just so we can apply this on properly. Another thing you need to know is you cannot apply this to dirty glass. 

“If you do that it’s going to end up smearing, it’s going to look awful and it could impair your vision later on.”

The specialist urged motorists to shake the bottle and then apply the mix on the inside of the window or windscreen with a clean cloth.

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The expert said road users needed to rub the solution into the glass to ensure the entire screen was covered. 

The solution should be left to dry for around three minutes before it can be buffed out with a dry cloth. 

However, the expert stressed it was vital motorists correctly prepared their car before applying the solution. 

Road users have also been warned that using too much could also lead to devastating consequences. 

A spokesperson for Epic Automotive Detailing explained: “When it comes to protecting your glass, if you don’t have the temperature at the right conditions when applying it’s not going to bond to the surface as well as it should. 

“It’s a bit like saying if you’re somebody who is going to wax your car in the winter just before the sun goes down and you get all that condensation, all that mist build-up on the surface of the paint, it feels pretty wet to touch. 

“It’s the same sort of thing as that. If you don’t have the glass at the right temperature this stuff just isn’t going to work. 

“You need to make sure that you apply a thin layer, I know everyone lives in this day and age where we think you need to put loads of product on to get the best result. It’s not the case. 

“In fact, it’s going to make your life ten times worse. If you smother on so much product it’s going to be harder to get off, you’re going to get streaks, it’s going to catch fibres from your cloth to start sticking to the glass. 

“You’re going to get that horrible sort of fluffy glass effect. I’ve seen it happen many times before so don’t let it happen with this.”

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