New SMAFO 4 Electric Bike Is Ready To Conquer The Urban Jungle

Convenient urban mobility is at the heart of many electric bicycle manufacturers from Europe. With electric bicycles forecasted to be a major driver of mobility in the coming years (the global e-bike market is estimated to be worth $120 billion by 2030), we can only expect manufacturers to continue ramping up their technology.

One of the newest e-bikes in the market comes from German e-bike specialist SMAFO. Following in the footsteps of the SMAFO 3, the SMAFO 4 is an urban commuter that is versatile and adaptable, perfect for shuttling you from A to B in the busy urban landscape. Just like its predecessor, the SMAFO 4 is offered in both step-through and step-over frame configurations. Shorter riders, or folks looking for a more laid-back seating position can opt for the step-through model, while those who prefer a standard seating position with a bit of a sportier feel can opt for the step-over model.

SMAFO takes pride in the fact that the 4 was designed entirely in house in the brand’s headquarters in Germany. On top of that, manufacturing is done in Central Europe, with the company sourcing most of the materials from the region. In terms of technology, the SMAFO 4 is equipped with an LCD instrument panel, as well as an integrated GPS tracking device offering riders additional peace of mind. Furthermore, there’s an Axa frame lock for added security, as well as security features accessible via the SMAFO Connect app. Lastly, a built-in LED light with daylight sensor ensures visibility in all conditions.

Performance-wise, SMAFO relies on the tried and tested e-bike system from Bafang, which consists of a rear hub motor complete with a torque sensor on the bottom bracket. The battery consists of a 522-watt-hour unit with a claimed range of 75 miles on a single charge. Shimano brakes and drive components ensure a reliable, dependable ride, while a built-in luggage rack at the back can haul a respectable 20 kilograms of your everyday essentials. In total, the German-built e-bike tips the scales at 26 kilos.

According to SMAFO, the new 4 is now available via the brand’s official website (linked below), as well as in-store in the brand’s Paderborn brand store. It retails for 2,199 Euros, or about $2,345 USD. Meanwhile, the Limited Edition model, which gets a special plaque and puncture-resistant Schwalbe Big Ben tires, retails for 2,299 Euros ($2,452 USD), and only 500 will be produced.

Sources: E-Bike News, SMAFO

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