Overlooked button in your car has little-known function

A driving expert has explained precisely why you don’t want to press your vehicle’s anti-skid button — especially when driving on slick surfaces.

The auto enthusiast, TikTok username drivingskills_, uploaded his filmed advice on TikTok, noting that this button is on by default, so pushing it decreases your vehicle’s traction.

One TikTok user commented on the gearhead’s video “Why is that button even there?” in response to its reverse configuration.

But a YouTuber highlighted why you might switch this button off while behind the wheel.

The auto expert, Jeff Teague, explains in his YouTube clip that traction control utilizes a vehicle’s computers to work alongside the automatic braking system (ABS), slowing down the speed on wheels spinning faster than its other tires on slippery terrain.

Jeff quipped: “So why in the world would you want to turn traction control off?

“The main reason I can think of is, let’s say your car is stuck in mud or ice or gravel or dirt, that type of a thing, [and] a lot of times, we want to rock our car backward and forward, backward and forward, reverse, drive, reverse, drive [to get the vehicle moving].

“When you turn off the traction control button, that’s going to allow you to do that maneuver, so hopefully, it’ll get you out of that messy situation.”

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Traction control has been a standard safety feature in United States cars since 2012, according to Kelley Blue Book.

However, there’s a difference between traction control and stability control on the road.

Stability control helps you steer your vehicle in the correct direction, and you can similarly deactivate it to get out of mud, ice, gravel, or dirt.

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