The 2025 Lucid Gravity Is A 440-Mile, Seven-Seat EV 'Powerhouse'

Hindsight, as they say, is 20/20. The Lucid Air is objectively one of the most impressive electric vehicles money can buy right now – a range king with incredible technology and mind-bending performance. But besides its hefty price tag, it’s also a luxury sedan trying to compete in an SUV world. More than a few critics have suggested the California-based EV startup should’ve led with one of those instead. Maybe so, but what matters is the 2025 Lucid Gravity is here now to even the odds a bit. 

The Gravity made its first public appearance at the Los Angeles Auto Show today, and it’s set to be one of the biggest and most important electric debuts of this event. This seven-seat SUV runs the Lucid Air playbook – sleek styling, world-beater specs and a premium price tag – in one of the most sought-after body styles there is.

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Despite the overwhelming popularity of three-row SUVs, there aren’t many options in the EV world so far; the Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV, Kia EV9 and Rivian R1S are among the few choices out there. Now Lucid’s going to have one too, and if the company can avoid any production headaches this time around, it’s due to have a hit on its hands. “Gravity is not just a luxury SUV; it’s a powerhouse,” the company said in a news release. 

Make sure to check out our full video walkaround from Motor1 editor Brett Evans below, too. 

A Range King Arrives

Let’s start with the tech and range, because I think that will be a big part of why. Lucid claims the Gravity will have a projected range “in excess of 440 miles,” which if true will put it among the longest-driving EVs on the market today.

Interestingly, the automaker didn’t disclose battery specs, except to say in a news release that it will have “a battery pack about half the size of some competitors.” Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson – himself a Tesla veteran who’s known for speaking his mind – was even more direct: “With Gravity, these innovations evolved and our next-generation technology is applied with even greater effect, resulting in an electric SUV that can achieve over 440 miles of range with a battery pack a little more than half the size of some of our battery-hungry competitors.”

It’s not quite as mind-blowing as the Lucid Air Grand Touring, which is rated at a positively crazy 516 miles of range (and we’ve seen even better in hypermiling tests) but it’s still astoundingly good; better than many competitors by 100 miles or more. Lucid has even said the Gravity will be one of the highest-range EVs on the market, beaten only by its own Air. It’s also very likely that Lucid will release less expensive Gravity models with less range just like the Air. 

Since the Air can be had with a 112-kWh battery pack or a 92-kWh one, I’m guessing the Gravity will come with the former, which does indeed put the capacity at half of what behemoths like the 200 kWh GMC Hummer EV offer. Since it’s widely understood that bigger battery packs are worse for the planet than smaller ones because they need more natural resources to make and more electricity to fully charge, automakers are seeking more range from chemistry and material improvements, not size. 

More Specs To Impress

Lucid says the Gravity is actually built on an entirely new platform “developed from the ground up as a sporty SUV,” implying it’s not as much just an Air crossover as many assumed.

It’s got a 900V electrical architecture and should be capable of doing zero to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds. Lucid also claims the Gravity can handle a payload capacity of over 1,500 pounds, and offers 6,000 pounds of towing capacity.

That 900V system also adds juice in a hurry. The Gravity can add up to 200 miles of range in a claimed 15 minutes on a 350 kW DC fast charger, making it one of the quickest-charging EVs around. 

Exact dimensions weren’t disclosed ahead of the Gravity’s debut, but the company does claim 112 cubic feet of total usable cargo space. We’ll get a better sense of size when we see it in person at the LA show soon. 

Inside And Out

The Air is one of the better-looking sedans on the market, and the Gravity managed to carry over that design language into a much bigger package without losing the plot. Simply put, it’s a handsome SUV. And like the Air, it manages to be super-aerodynamic; that body claims a coefficient of drag of less than 0.24 to maximize efficiency. 

Inside, we find second and third-row seats that fold flat; a 34-inch curved and uninterrupted OLED display above the steering wheel; another substantially-sized screen in the center of the dashboard; and the ability to “transform the cabin into a serene oasis” with scenes from Joshua Tree or Lake Tahoe at the press of a button. We’ll look more into that feature as well. 

Moreover, from the news release: “Lucid has also partnered with experts at Meditopia to offer a guided meditation experience that provides a personal space for mindfulness, without exiting the vehicle.” Hey, it’s a California company, right? 

I will give extra points to Lucid for that frunk design. It looks like a fine place to watch a sunset, just like these gals are doing. 

Pricing And More Questions

For now, Lucid only says the Gravity has an expected starting price under $80,000. It’s unclear what trim level that refers to, including whether that price will net the 440-mile range or not; my guess is that model will cross the six-figure line. 

All in all, the Gravity seems to be a remarkably impressive EV. And it comes at a crucial time for Lucid, which is facing plenty of startup-related challenges. It’s struggled with demand for the pricey Air sedan, stared down a lot of cash burn, dealt with high production costs, and faces increased competition from other startups, legacy automakers and, of course, Tesla. That automaker is somewhere between those two things these days and it remains the EV juggernaut to beat. As impressive as Lucid’s EVs have been to date, a great deal of concern remains about its future.

But the best thing it can do is get the Gravity on the road. If you’re a believer in this company, you had better hope that happens soon and in force. 


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