Three best features of the new Mini Countryman

A motoring expert has highlighted his favourite features of the latest version of the Mini John Cooper Works Countryman.

Matthew Watson regularly posts videos to his social media accounts, informing viewers of interesting quirks and his opinions on the latest models.

In one of his most recent videos, Matthew noted that the high-performance John Cooper Works version of the upcoming Mini Countryman features a variety of driving modes.

He explained: “Eight different experience modes, including a go-kart mode. That noise signifies that things have just got sportier.

“You’ve got these racier dials, you’ve got LED red lighting projected here on the dash, you have added weight to the steering, a sharper throttle exhaust and a fruitier exhaust note.”

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Many new models feature different driving modes, which lets the owner change how certain aspects of the vehicle behave.

Whilst many of these modes can be used to improve fuel efficiency and interior comfort, almost all cars that come with different driving modes feature a way to improve performance.

In the new Mini, driving modes are controlled by a black switch underneath the circular infotainment touchscreen, with each ‘experience’ adding a different design to the interior.

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Unveiled at the 2023 IAA Munich Motor Show, the new Mini Countryman is slightly larger than its predecessor, offering a 460-litre boot and more passenger space.

Whilst the most affordable models in the range will feature a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine, the Countryman will also be offered as a fully electric vehicle.

In its most powerful form, the Mini Countryman Electric SE can cover a range of up to 287 miles per charge and a 0-62mph acceleration time of just 5.6 seconds.

Additionally, Matthew also noted that the John Cooper Works version also features four exhaust pipes, giving it a sportier image.

He added: “There are sporty looking bumpers at the front and the back, and you’ve even got quad tail pipes.

“But let me just check: one, two, three, and four, oh yes, they’re completely real. Thank you Mini, thank you.”

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