Toyota Tundra i-Force Max Gets 469-HP TRD Upgrade You Can Buy Next Year

The 2023 SEMA Show is packed with custom cars and prototypes from automakers that you can’t buy, unless you want to get individual parts and make your own. Toyota has some of that with concepts like the new X-Runner and FJ Bruiser, but there’s also a truck you can buy straight from the automaker. Say hello to the 2024 Tundra equipped with an optional TRD Performance Package.

What does one get with this $3,400 option? Toyota adds special TRD badging, a snazzy exhaust tip, and 32 extra horses under the hood. That’s accomplished mechanically with upgraded dual intakes and a new exhaust, both of which provide better airflow. A new engine tune optimizes the changes, though you’ll need to run premium fuel as a result. Toyota also tweaks the throttle for “a sporty and powerful driving feel.”

The result is 421 horsepower using the standard twin-turbocharged 3.4-liter i-Force engine. Torque remains the same at 479 pound-feet, but peak twist hits 400 RPM sooner. The i-Force Max engine rises to 469 hp, a notable figure as it surpasses all trucks in the US save for the bonkers Ram 1500 TRX and Ford F-150 Raptor R. And it’s not a dealer-installed setup โ€“ Toyota offers it from the factory with a full standard vehicle warranty.

“We wanted to build on the excitement of the new Tundra platform and the twin-turbo engine โ€“ which already makes monster horsepower and torque โ€“ to develop this performance package,” said Jakin Wilson, senior engineering manager for Toyota Motor North America.ย 

The TRD-enhanced Tundra isn’t the only 421-hp truck in Toyota’s booth at SEMA. The aforementioned X-Runner Concept packs the same engine under its smaller hood to create a sharp street truck with some notable performance chops. Unfortunately, it’s not a vehicle you can buy, but Toyota is testing the waters for a possible street truck resurgence. So if folks are vocal enough, perhaps a low-riding X-Runner could reach dealerships in a few years.

As for Tundras with more power, you won’t have to wait that long. The TRD Performance Package will be available starting early next year.

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