Traffic cameras making £1million in fines across UK unveiled

Humberside road safety officer shows inside speed camera van

Traffic cameras raking in over £1million in fines have been unveiled with motorists across the country at risk.

Eighteen different local councils have streets that generate at least a seven-figure sum with cash-strapped motorists on the receiving end, according to new data from This is Money.

Britain’s most successful camera even generates a whopping £10,000 in revenue every day with fees hitting almost £4million per annum.

The device is located in Moor Street, Birmingham and has issued a whopping 65,755 fines to road users driving in a bus lane.

This alone has led to a massive £3,945,000 in charges being issued to road users, the biggest fee across the country.

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According to ITV, the council have continued to defend the scheme, claiming the rules are clearly signposted.

However, this has not stopped road users from getting confused despite the scheme being in place for two years.

A massive 43,108 penalty charge notices have been issued after motorists broke traffic restrictions in Dulwich Village. This has led to councils receiving more than £2.9million in fees over the 2021/22 financial year.

Dermody Road in Lewisham and Browning Road in Newham have both fined motorists over £2.5million. Meanwhile, cameras in Parsons Mead, Croydon and Station Parade in Barking and Dagenham have made over £2million each.

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Inside London, Cornhill in the City of London, Whipps Cross Road in Waltham Forest and Wapping High Street at Tower Hamlets have all generated more than £1.3million.

Other cameras in the capital to collect over £1million include Montague Avenue in Ealing and Canonbury in Islington.

The new figures were released after Freedom of Information requests to councils asking which streets had produced the highest income.

Away from London, devices in Manchester, Brighton, Salford and Bristol have all generated massive income streams.

A camera located in Oxford Street, Manchester has issued fiend worth up to £1.7million between 2021 and 2022.

Meanwhile, York Place in Brighton generated £1,5million while Chapel Street, Salford and High Street, Bristol have secured just over £1million.

Drivers are usually issued £130 fines for breaking driving rules in London. However, this drops to around £80 for offences outside the capital.

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