Check out BMW’s new centrelock wheels for the M2

BMW's standard wheels for the M2 are a bit meh – this is more like it

By Matt Bird / Friday, 17 November 2023 / Loading comments

Wheels and tyres are usually top of the list when it comes to modifying. There’s the potential performance improvement through both less weight and enhanced grip, plus a look that’s more to your taste, which is just as important. Previously renowned for their standard wheel design, some of BMW’s showroom-spec rims haven’t been so inspiring of late – just as the best stuff is saved for the M Performance Catalogue. Hmm.

The M2 is the latest M car to get some direct motorsport influence made optionally available, with forged centrelock wheels. You might say a tad over the top for a road car – they’re useful for quicker wheel changes and shorter pit stops – but they do look fantastic. And will save some precious kilos from the unsprung, rotating mass. They’re the standard size, too: 275/35 ZR 19 up front, and 285/30 ZR 20 behind. Disappointingly, they’re sold in black, but that could be sorted. When it comes to changes, a torque of 930Nm is required, so make sure Kwik Fit knows that. Inspired by the wheels of last year’s 3.0 CSL, these centrelocks are available for the M2, M3 and M4. Yes, including the Touring.

But you’re probably done looking at the wheels, right? Because this is the completely kitted-out M Performance Parts M2, out in the real world after some studio shots issued a year ago. In Zandvoort Blue, for maximum impact – it’s like BMW knew that AC Schnitzer had something to show this week. The notable bits include carbon fibre-reinforced plastic add-ons at the front, rear and side, the touring car-style spoiler and the strange slats. There aren’t interior images yet – expect plenty of carbon and Alcantara. Don’t forget there’s a brake and suspension upgrade, too, so it isn’t all cosmetic.

BMW’s UK press release says its info has been directly copied from the German equivalent, so it’s not clear what might be available in the UK and what it’ll cost. Bear in mind that the M Performance wheels currently offered here for the M2 start from £5,450 and it’s clear the centrelocks won’t be a minor purchase. The best bits never were when it comes to modifying. Just maybe steer clear of the carbon…

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