Few observations I’ve made on my Seltos after 2000 km of ownership

The petrol fuel efficiency averages between 8 and 11 km/l in Chennai city.

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Just an update after 2000 km and getting to know the car a little better. I was abroad for about 6 weeks and tried out remote start just to prevent the car from being idle for a long period. I was positively surprised when I could start the car remotely even from a faraway country through the Kia Connect app. I had set the running period for 3 minutes and the engine shut off at the exact time. I thought I needn’t depend on somebody to keep starting the car at periodical intervals when I am not available, but there is a catch. The car should be started within 168 hours (1 week) and also the car should have been started manually previously, so we cannot do away completely with somebody to start the car in our absence but at least we can reduce the physical presence to alternate starts.

The car is behaving predictably and I do not find much to complain about. The petrol mileage averages between 8 and 11 km/l (as per the instrument panel) which is what one can reasonably expect in Chennai city so I am fine with that. The lowest I have seen was 3.5 km/l when I was in a huge traffic pileup for about an hour and was constantly keeping my eye on the temperature gauge. However, there was no problem whatsoever probably due to the auto-hold function which was a real boon.

There are a few negatives which I would like to point out just so that people can be aware. After driving the Seltos extensively and then going back to drive my Creta, I could perceive the big difference in ride quality. The more than one lakh kilometres run Creta suddenly felt so comforting. Well, one can’t have everything. Looks like I might have to look at a change in footwear earlier than anticipated.

Another negative for me is the lack of a mute button. When someone in the car gets a call or when I need to pause the radio, I have to scroll down the volume button to minimize the radio sound. A simple mute button would have been so much more practical. Even in the option to assign functions to the star button, surprisingly there is no mute option. I would be thankful if anyone could point out if I am missing anything in this regard.

For me, the biggest pain is the rear cross-traffic alert. If I forget to turn it off while starting, it just refuses to let me reverse into the road, constantly beeping traffic alerts from either side and braking by itself if I don’t heed the alerts. It beeps even when vehicles are crossing in the opposite lane. It seems to have been calibrated very aggressively. The worst part is it cannot be turned off permanently and will be active every time the car is started.

Overall, I am happy with the car and should serve me well for a few years.

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