Frustrating removal of a convenient ADAS button by Honda: Cost cutting?

The setting to disable it now lies buried deep inside the menus.

BHPian skarthiksr recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I noticed this in my visit to Honda yesterday. In City e:HEV ZX Honda Sensing, there used to be a dedicated “safety support switch” with which one can quickly turn off ‘Automatic Emergency braking’, i.e CMBS. From our 2022 forum review, this is how it used to be (The button diagonally below the traction control):

But looks like Honda has removed this physical button altogether from all models (Petrol City, e:HEV) including Elevate.

This is pretty disappointing because one might be driving with CMBS turned on and when you enter a high-traffic zone, you probably would want to quickly disable CMBS and a dedicated switch makes it very easy. Another unfortunate thing is that this control is not available in the touchscreen unit as well and hence one needs to turn this off only using steering wheel controls.

Here’s what BHPian Shreyans_Jain had to say on the matter:

Yes, Honda is not providing the auto braking disable button anymore. This silent deletion is a bummer and a huge nuisance while driving around in city traffic. The setting to disable it lies buried deep inside the menus. It’s not easy to access, certainly not on the move. And the worst part is that the damn thing automatically switches on every time the car restarts. Doesn’t stay disabled.

This stupid cost-cutting move is a big reason to not opt for the ADAS-equipped ZX variant of Elevate. Don’t think it can be coded out easily either.

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