Honda Elevate: 6 things I noticed after a quick test drive

I do think the car feels good, but I am slightly inclined towards the Seltos HTX IVT.

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I had the opportunity to test drive the Honda Elevate yesterday at Magnum Honda, Bangalore (near Mekhri Circle). My parents had put down a booking for VX CVT in Ernakulam when the pre-bookings opened (Sadly one of the major dealers in Ernakulam is not offering Test Drives at the moment and has asked us to wait until the 15th of Sep)

So here I was at Honda asking for a test drive, The SA, Murthy, was very helpful and he immediately consented even though I told him my parents already had a booking in Kerala and I was just here to see the car.

So do I like the car?

Well, sort of, I’ll give you a few of my musings:

Overall, I do think the car feels good and the price is reasonable too, but I am slightly inclined towards the Seltos HTX IVT (my parents totally despise that car). I am also thinking about test-driving the current-gen Creta1.5 NA CVT to get a feel of how it is so that if the Elevate booking does not go through we can consider the next-gen Creta that is expected to launch next year (I hope there won’t be a lot of mechanical changes that make the new car too different to drive)

P.S: Attaching the only picture that I clicked before yesterday’s TD.

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