My Tata Safari Adventure Edition ownership: Observations after 7000 km

Fuel efficiency has been decent and as expected by a car with this size and weight.

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This is my initial ownership review of Tata Safari XZA+ a.k.a. Phantom (Orcus White Adventure Edition). I have done slightly more than 7000 km.

I also did get a call for an HP Pump replacement recall, will be visiting the service centre this week. I haven’t faced any issues regarding the pump or anything else. Mine is also April 2023 manufacturing.


  • It’s a pleasure driving this beast.
  • Automatic is a boon and a special mention to the Auto Hold feature which is very very useful in bumper-to-bumper traffic.
  • The JBL sound system has a very good punch and an awesome bass to it. Really a pleasure listening to bass-boosted songs.
  • Ventilated seats are a boon. No more “shirt sticking to back” by the time you reach the office.
  • The seats have quite good cushioning and the khaki colour looks premium. Memory seats have helped immensely in finding the right driving position in which my left knee doesn’t hit the centre console. (P.S. I’m 6ft tall)
  • The 360-degree camera is very clear and the infotainment screen is also very smooth and responsive.
  • Noise insulation is pretty good, the build quality feels sturdy and tank-like. Although no NCAP ratings yet.
  • Did a 200 kms day trip to Bundi and back with 7 adults onboard and everyone felt comfortable. Thanks to sliding middle-row seats.
  • Fuel efficiency has been decent and as expected by a car with this size and weight. I do drive with a light foot and my daily drive includes 80% of highway driving and 20% city driving. (P.S. Attaching photos from Fuelio)

  • Diesel cars have had a chiller AC since the beginning, with no issues with it.
  • The wireless charger location is the worst.
  • iRA connected car app is absolutely trash in this high-tech world.
  • The high beam is poor and needs to be upgraded to higher watts or maybe LEDs.
  • Parking in the city is a task.
  • The steering feels heavy at first but is quite smooth and responsive after you get the hang of it. It took me like 3 days to adjust to it and now I’m loving it.
  • Wireless AA/Carplay randomly disconnects sometimes and connects back automatically.

All in all, I am happy and satisfied with my purchase.

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