My XUV700 D AT at 30000km: 3rd service & Silver Box software update

Mahindra has cleverly disguised this update as a recall which is not reflected on the RO copy

BHPian A.G recently shard this with other enthusiasts.

3rd Service of 30,000 Kms:

The service reminder came-up at 29,800 Kms and before scheduling the service, checked if Mighty Mahindra had the new Ultra V4 oil in stock. After confirming with stores, the service was scheduled. Only issue I noticed was on the day of the service, checked the Engine oil level in the morning and found the level to be higher than the max mark โ€“ discussed the same and was informed that it is normal due to regen process.

Oil level in the morning prior to service:

Due to heavy rush that day, including that of water affected vehicles, the bay allocation took some time. As usual, most of the time was spent in waiting for washing & cleaning which took almost twice the time in which entire service with update was done.

In the service bay with brakes being cleaned:

The new Ultra V4 Oil (again no specs on the oil can):

Finally reached the lift for washing:

After the discussion on MAPPLS, I was against the latest silver box update which robs the offline navigation and switches over to subscription based MAPPLS navigation. However, Mahindra has cleverly disguised this update as a recall which is not reflected on the RO copy I have but it was reflected on the RO copy for the shop floor. By the time I noticed this when the oil was being issued, it was too late and the USB drive with update was already plugged-in and doing itโ€™s job.

The total service bill came to Rs. 7,739/- which included 10L DEF (taken in sealed condition to be filled later) and cabin filter as well.

The after effects of Silver Box update:

Sharing a picture of the version installed:

The first thing to be noticed was that despite having eSIM signal strength, both Alexa and MAPPLS stopped working โ€“ the latter was just displaying white screens despite having view of multiple satellites.

On checking the debug menu, found this DTC:

Waited for a Day for it to start working but when it didnโ€™t work even on the next day, disconnected and reconnected the battery which made them both come alive. Notice a couple of quirks.

When playing songs on Alexa, the song plays as usual but neither song name appears nor the duration slider moves. Also the Previous, Pause and Next buttons are rendered useless.

If the MAPPLS app is not opened once after ignition cycle on the center screen, going to navigation menu on the instrument cluster results in blank space (both with dials and when using full page maps)

With Dials:

Full screen maps:

When the navigation app is opened on the center screen, it starts working automatically on the instrument cluster as well but always shows โ€˜0mโ€™ on top which earlier used to appear only when a route was set.

Maps working on both screens:

โ€˜0mโ€™ displayed as if constantly navigating in background:

Some other observations after covering 30K Kms:

  • Since the 20K service done 3rd week of April till the 30K service in 3rd week of August, there had been only 03 unscheduled visits (all with-in 3 weeks from service) for sunroof not closing, brake noise and steering angle calibration. This does not include the additional visit for collecting the number plate.
  • The noise from the front brakes is back post the service โ€“ I fail to understand what the issue is since this time the brakes were clean.
  • Post the rains, there is a squeaking noise from what I feel to be coming from the rear doors whenever there is body flex.
  • The other persistent noises bothering as of now are from DEF / fuel tank and the Engine cover which rattles have found no solution yet.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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