New Mini Cooper Electric gets ‘Sport Trim’

'Inspired by John Cooper Works' EV gets sporty makeover but no more power (yet)

By Matt Bird / Wednesday, 6 December 2023 / Loading comments

Making normal Minis look faster than they actually are has been a tradition for decades. From centre-exit exhausts, racing stripes and Minilites back in the day to factory JCW bodykits and Challenge wheels in the BMW era, upgrades are as much a part of the Mini appeal as go-kart handling. 

That’s not going to stop in the electric era, either, with Mini already launching a ‘Sport Trim’ for the new Cooper Electric. That’s the direct German translation, so may get a slicker name when officially launched over here, but promises much of what we became used to in the ICE era: it’s a Cooper that looks like a JCW, but doesn’t have the power of one. Which might sound silly written down, though you don’t need to look far to see the popularity of non-JCWs dressed up to resemble one. Ahem. 

Marking out the Sport will be the new JCW logo first seen on the recent Countryman, 18-inch, ten spoke wheels, red brake calipers and bonnet stripes. All standard fare for a JCW wannabe, as are the contrast red roof and mirrors. There are diffusers front and rear not usually found on the Cooper Electric, plus Sport-specific light signatures. The interior gets additional red accents, and upgrade sports seats. 

If it all sounds exactly like a JCW pack from the old days, presumably that’s just the point. Mini even goes so far as to say that this new trim ‘emphasises the brand’s motorsport genes’, very tenuously linking a new car to the past just like it always used to.  The Cooper Electric powertrain is unchanged, with 218hp meaning 0-62mph in 6.7 seconds. The 54.2kWh battery offers up 250 miles of range and charging of up to 95kW.

“The all-electric Mini Cooper in the new Sport trim combines a passion for iconic design, legendary performance and sustainable mobility. It is the epitome of efficiency and driving pleasure”, said Stefanie Wurst, Head of the Mini brand. Expect it to launch in the UK early next year as an option on the £30k Cooper. Or, for those that want a JCW lookalike with an engine, this 2013 Cooper S with Sport Pack looks very smart indeed. Long live the modified Mini…

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